The City God Built — The Book of Revelation — 1 Comment

  1. 9/11/2016

    All greetings

    Dearest Paster Rick Joyner
    I would really like to explain something and then ask a question about it.

    : My fiance and I are both living in UKand over 66 years old and living together for a lot of years
    now. I was a widow and he divorced when we met each other. We are both old snd love each other with a true adult love and we are both white people. The only burden is that we can’t get married, because my children will suffer if we get married, my children(all adults with children and grand children) is living in South Africa because there are no money to bring them alk to Uk. My family snd hildren all accepted my fiance and live him to peaces.

    ●None of us smoke or drink and pray seriously and read the Word of God daily.

    We believe Jesus died for our sins and has risen tbe third day etc.

    (There is so much changes in Bibles, versus been taking out and been put in ect.)
    That we just wonder what a marriage Certificate really means? Question: Is it true that a marriage Certificate is only there when people get divorce to claim from one another? We was reading some where that a bond and vows are personal between the couple self.? We would appreciate it if you can give us a bit of advice on a marriage paper please? (Although we can’t get married with a paper and to separate now on our old age will feel as if we will give each other to die, because we are old and see to each other and really love each other very deeply,)
    We trust and believe that you wil keep this coversation private. God Bless, Suzy