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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your kind teaching.
    Years ago, I got angry at my circumstances and I chose to ask all kinds of wounded questions to God, things like, “I did my best and still these things happens?” I did that for years insisting on being rightfully too angry to even listen to answers. I never got satisfied all that time and finally I decided to follow Jesus all the way. When I got there, Jesus took me in and sustained me talking to me of love. Can you imagine the difference?
    I used to watch SpongeBob a lot. We visited our son who started that film on Netflix, then we visited our daugther who also put it on Netflix, very nice moments. So, it was in fact a story of love, not to be patronized. Thank you Father in heaven for our loving offspring.
    The Lord God is our Advocate and Defender, Who never have lost a case, as one of our dear Prophetess said, also read 2 Samuel 22. Jesus sees all, and if you feel that you were called improper names and by accident asked for second-rate defend, but the Lord sent you first class, do not send it back saying that was not what you expected, because we all need God’s protection 24/7, and sending best quality is an act of love :-) God is to be trusted and He always do what He promises. May God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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