The Day of New Beginnings, Out of Your Tomb! — 2 Comments

  1. So beautiful are your words this day Abba, I delight in every word spoken, for you are so near and dear to me. I love to be in your presence, it makes my heart leap, makes me sing and dance in the delight of you, for you are one awesome Daddy. I love you with my whole heart, all that I am. All you created me to be. I long for you evermore, long for your coming to take me to my heavenly home to be with you. Yes Daddy, you and I are one I often say so to, you in me, and me in you. I am grateful, you are pleased with me, for you have spoken it to me several times before, and it brings me delight, for I desire to please you even more. Happy to be your special loving daughter. All is new each day. I thank you evermore for life. I thank you for saving my soul. I thank you for the cross. I thank you I belong to you. Amen.

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