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The Day of Vengeance is Now! — 2 Comments

  1. The Lord has shown me the deceit in large, well known ministries amongst the leaders.  After years of studying secret societies (ie Illuminati) in the world (symbolism, hand signals, etc), I am now seeing it in well known ministries including charismatic ones.  The enemies intention among the sheep is to steal, kill and destroy.  The all seeing eye is even a part of a well known prophetic minister’s sanctuary, behind him in stained glass.  May involvement in secret societies be made known in Jesus’ name.

  2. Powerful Word and confirmation. Our winds are almost daily and have been all winter. Lots of noises, last night like a werewolf.  We are at the foot of the Cascades and have a lot of witchcraft, drugs and trying to put curses on people. I also have a word; The Lord has shown me for years we are in a “chemical war” Our bodies are chemical and the enemy is using food and drink to destroy the seed within “born again” believers! 
    You cannot eat as the world eats. I am writing on this.  It’s all about restoring the Temple. Jesus cannot build without being given the “right materials”.
    Grace to you Nancy Holste Fall City, Washington.

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