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The Days Ahead in 2015 — 2 Comments

  1. I got this word from the Lord in September which I feel led to share here:

    19/14: Tell America that the prayers of the righteous avail much. Tell America too many prayers have gone up, for Me to give her up. I will come in fury, I will be judge and jury, and I’m set to collect for her injury. MANY will pay, according to the part they’ve played in her: harlotry, bigotry, & careless iniquity in bringing down her dignity. Wait and see, for in a short time will be the “SEE”son. All will SEE much that has yet been in hiding and unsung. And soon comes the see”SON”. Many will see Me, the SON, JESUS, even the One of whom they had made fun, standing at the forefront. I wept for Jerusalem, because they would not come. But America will run. She will run to my feet at the feats I have done. MANY will kiss the Son. AND, I SAY TO YOU: Those who won’t, will no longer gloat, for I will not just rock, but overturn their boat. I AM America’s only hope to stay afloat.

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