The End of Death and the Negative — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Sis., Apostle Catharina for the Word in Season!
    I purchased some “designer” cinnamon few weeks ago, yes imported from Vietnam!
    i am also looking for that 3 fold (Son,30, Spirit,60, and Father-100) fullness of The Anointing that brings a 100 fold fullness of His Glory Manifested in our lives!
    That 3rd Feast Fullness of Tabernacles, The redemption,to wit, the adoption of our bodies, “The Manifestation of the sons of God.” Romans 8:17-23, Its time, to “Arise, shine!, they shall call thee the Zion of The Holy One of Israel,” Isaiah 60:1-23, “The time to favor her, Zion Yea the Set Time is come”! Psalm 102.

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