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The Enemy Has Been Working Overtime — 2 Comments

  1. Good comfort, my loving and loved sister. I know, and Abba Father knows, and Jesus Christ knows, how much I worked and work. At my Christian workplace there is so much god-less activity, gossip, people are calling good evil and evil good. At New Year’s Eve I was asked to give a 2018 review in front of seniors and coworkers. It touched many for good. After a short night rest I had to work on New Year’s Day again (also on Christmas Eve) and I noticed: People forget the GOOD and CARING and LOVING work so easily. Many are observing me and want to bring me down. I can confess: When I am strong, physically and mentally hard working, many are jealous and hateful. This caused oppressive reproaches that I had to sign in the headoffice. When after all this unrighteousness some tears came out, I immediately got mocked and accused. I was often provoked to leave work. But when I change job, I get bad farewell report and reproaches on other places why I left job. How many times they wanted to get rid of me, but there are still more for me than against me. I have no donation button or an own business. And GOD KNOWS – this is not my own guilt or shame or laziness or whatever. I am not a RN (registered nurse) but only an assistant caregiver. I once was in that education, 22 years ago. I gave this carreer up for family. Nonetheless, I cleansed hotels, worked as a waitress and so on. Since 10 years and more in senior care, private and in residences. My age is 56 and no one has interest to let me into a higher position. No problem at all – I accepted almost everything in my life. But many of those with higher titles have a problem with me ! If someone who reads this has need of a private caregiver, can let me know…

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