The Fall Deepens — 1 Comment

  1. Christ emphasized His love for the lost sheep. He didn’t persecute them for their weakness but offered them his love and wisdom. Christ said he turns no one away that come to him.

    Is the church so intent to persecute those that come to God for help while they are still in their sins that they push away those Christ died to save? Has the church forgotten how powerful the she’d blood of Christ truly is?  It’s power can turn our sins though Scarlett into snow! Is the church so busy beating people with their sins that they forgot the compassion of Christ? 

    Don’t get me wrong- I don’t condone sin or sinful behavior but to deny that I don’t sin would be a lie. For any human to say they don’t sin is a lie. So if Christ is the answer to help someone why not spend 75 to 95 percent of your words on convincing how Christ can help them, what Christ did for them, and how they can recieve His gift of righteousness versus beating them down 100 percent of the time that they are sinners – when they know that already. They struggle with it, are accused by the evil one by it, and are depressed by it. They want out- so they come to church for that out. But they get from the church : no compassion, no mercy, no rejoicing that they took that step to seek Salvation, told they shouldn’t make excuses, talk to then tough when life has already done a pretty good job of being tough.

    Why is the church forgetting, they were once forgiven and recieved mercy.