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  1. Dear Doug
    These words touch my soul, my heart, my Spirit. I wanted to stop responding, encouraging, or sharing experiences here, but I really missed my brothers and sisters, and so from time to time I will comment. It is like in a family. In families there are good days and lesser good days. We are all on the road to heaven, we do not grasp any other goals. Gold and silver most of us have have not. This is very biblical… God is not against wealth, we know. But we shall be satisfied when we have clothes and food. And can pay what must be paid month by month. We have sunshine, we have rain, we have fresh air, wind and abundance of beautiful nature around us. Even in the cities we can see flowers, trees or birds and much more of God`s creation.
    About the blanket: Yesterday evening my son and his girlfriend (she loves to come to us) sat on the balcony, only in thin shirts. The month May started quite cold this year. I brought them warm pullovers and blankets. How happy they were for this little act of love. They experienced warmth in the midst of cold. It was so sweet (sorry, I have no other word to describe it without dictionary) to watch them being happy and putting their heads and shoulders together like an old thankful couple who rest in peace side by side. Another good happening yesterday: A 85 year old man visited me. Weak on his legs, he made some miles by train and bus to sit with me at our table. It was his idea, he invited himself, so to say. And guess what ? I took my oldest Bible and read to him from the Book of Joshua, the story where Caleb said: “And today I am 85, and my strength is as in the days before” (40 years ago). The visitor does not know much from the Bible, but this touched him. We can share God`s word, we can share blankets, and I often experience, that when I share my TIME for others, it always blesses them. Serving can be very exhausting… but God says, we should not get tired in doing good. So my brother Doug – your words really touched me and I will be reminded when I next time lay down or sit down for rest.

    • Thank you for sharing.  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  I have been a long time learning this.  Your sharing reminds me how true it is.

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