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The Fire Implant Dream: Warning! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this article because nowadays you don’t know even when you take your kids to the doctor if they may implant something into your child so this makes me more aware of what’s going on I know they’ve already started this process somewhat to this in the prisons to the prisoners but I absolutely will not take a chance on anyone implanting or injecting my child and my grandchildren anything I will see and be there to know everything that’s going on with my grandchildren. They stay with my husband and I quite a bit and that is something that I also need to let their father know so again thank you

  2. Where do you go to get this chip so I know to keep my family and I away from this place and the area I will not allow nothing to be implanted into my children or grandchildren and thank you very much for your article

  3. God always spoke through dreams to His people and even to those who were not as much connected to Him as they should. Thank you for sharing this warning.

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