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  1. I have been persecuted many times by the enemy himself just like Jesus. I have been slander, falsely accused by many things of things that I have not done, people gossip against me, the enemy try to hurt my family betrayed by so-called friends, curse by many, rejected for my faith by others and like Job rob of many earthly things by the devil himself. The devil wants to bring me down and break my relationship with God. To be able to witness his darkness and wickedness such negative power that just wish to steal your joy is not a great experience. The enemy loves to try to put negative thoughts in my mind about God during my trials telling me that God doesn’t care about me that he will do nothing for me to worship him that he will offer a better escape or solution using fear as his weapon. The enemy have use many darts against me. God has block each and one of them. Jesus guides me every day teaches me his words daily he claims that many will come as sheep and be wolfs to test the spirit that he is coming soon like the blink of an eye to keep my eyes on him and continue my path no matter the cost. Not to fear. That people will hate me for speaking the truth just like they did to him but not to worry that he defeated death and no human can touch me. I have been promised eternal life and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper but not to follow the world since is fading away quickly. To store my treasures in heaven. God has a purpose and a plan that reveals that the enemy is raising, seeking who to devour, deceiving many getting together his army since he is afraid and knows that his time is coming soon. Jesus is also preparing for his battle against the enemy seeking his warriors and reveals that his army will be victorious no matter the multitude gather against him. Jesus will be the champion coming in a white horse dress in splendor and majesty. He be glorious. Everyone will see him he reveals. From the west to the east to the south to the north Mount Olives will be the place where Jesus will return. He is not dead he is alive and he tells me to love God, to proclaim his news to believe him and to trust him in all I do to do good all he asks from me. He doesn’t hold grudges he cares I trust him and ask for forgiveness he does not hold all sins against you as long you be sincere on your request for forgiveness and he reminds you that he pay a high price for your sins. I still have many enemies every day is a trial but as a protector, God always keeps an eye on me as long I believe and trust him. Is beyond my comprehension how can God care about me so much and love me is not like any human love is beyond that is like feeling like king David after God choose him for the ark dancing jumping and praising him. Is an amazing experience.

  2. The Spirit of God does not have to search for this Warrior, I was called of God to be a Warrior and I was trained by the Holy Spirit to war in the spirit realm. The Holy Spirit is my teacher. I have walked with God for 44 years. I am 70 years now. He has given me His power to defeat the enemy and as an Intercessary Prayer Warrior I do the warfare for many others in prayer and that includes President Trump and my enemies are scattered; plus I ask God for His mercy upon my enemies. I have His power to retain or remit sin as His Holy Priest. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I was personally trained by the Father in the demonic realm and to operate in casting out spirits, raise the dead and heal the sick. I paid a hard price for all of this and I give the Lord all the Glory.

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