The God of Supernatural Provision!


Yesterday I had such an incredible encounter with the LORD.

sand linesWhile on the beach fellowshipping in His Presence, He had me draw the picture you see, depicting a 5 year timeline of my life over the past five years.

Pointing me to each cross line drawn, He began to speak to me pointing out that each of them represented a place of Supernatural provision during the past five years, where He literary caused the naturally impossible, to be turned over into the supernaturally possible!

One by one, He recounted them to me.  Situations, where what occurred, should have under natural circumstances, never have happened, and where people were moved by Him to approach us, to give what as a rule, they would have never in their wildest dreams have comprehend to do, what they did.

I mean real, an evident miracles that came to us without us lifting a finger to make them happen, or for causing them to occur.

He said, “Do you see these lines?  That was every account where I supernaturally provided for you in a humanly impossible way”.

Then He said to Me, “The reason why I had you draw the dots passing the timeline, is because each dot represents My continued supernatural moments of supernatural supply and provision for you.  They will await you on your journey and on its predestined time, in sync with My timeline and schedule, as you will pass them, continuing along your journey in service to Me”.

All I could do is just worship Him in awe!  Our great God is the God of Supernatural Provision and the God of Miraculous Supply!

As I was writing this, the LORD reminded me that He had me draw 5 cross lines and 5 dots in the timeline.  Taking into account that I drew the picture before I knew what I was drawing, (since the Word only followed once I had drawn it!) and without knowing that it was a FIVE YEAR timeline, this was just another Miracle-sign pointed out by Him that He is in the details of our lives!

He has it all in the palm of His Hands!

(We will be sharing the details of these supernatural miracle events in our faith-inspiring upcoming book – “Walking in the Place of Miracles!”  Co-authored by my wife Jeniffer van der Hoven.)


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenBrother Johann van der Hoven is the visionary leader and founder of Revival To All Nations, based in South Africa.  The LORD led him to establish a five-fold ministry platform from where cities, town, communities and nations would be impacted by the five-fold ministry of ministries collectively unified in the Spirit.  He ministers as a apostolic evangelist/ revivalist within the RTAN network he founded and hosts Healing and Miracle Love Revivals across the nation of South Africa.
Sister Jennifer van der Hoven supports him in his ministry and cause, whilst also being involved in women’s ministry herself.
Brother Johann began his journey in following the LORD in His service in 1990.  For more information about their ministry visit them at Revival To All Nations.

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  1. Praise God for this message. I realize we need to pray for our nation, but it’s so refreshing to see a word posted that has nothing to do with the election. Thank you for sharing this word of encouragement and example of God’s love.

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