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THE HOLY SPIRIT: You Have, You Need, You Must Depend On Every Moment — 5 Comments

  1. i needed to hear this teaching cause most of the time when i want to praise the Lord i find that im singing in tongues…

  2. Great teaching brother Jacob. It is true, about cooking and the Holy Spirit.  I’ve had 3 experiences of my own while staying at church sisters home for an extended period of time. The callaloo (a Jamaican greens) in the backyard was sparing for dinner, so I got the urge to cut the wild ones also. They have never done it before and said it was the tastiest dish from the crop.  Right away I knew it was the Holy Spirit.  Another time I made a simple dish of shrimp for them and the young man at the table said wow it taste like coconut shrimp.  I did not put coconut in it, but it was very delicious, and I knew it was the Holy Spirit. Also, at another there was nothing in the freezer but some chicken parts that had been so freezer burnt.  I said it could be a little tough but I’ll prepare it anyway.  The meal came out without trace of being old and stale, but was a very delicious sauteed chicken strip and I knew it was the Holy Spirit. At this time I was in the word religiously from 6pm to 10pm every single day until the Lord release me. I knew there was a supernatural thing going on at that house, because of many other great occurrences.  The power of the Holy Spirit.

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