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The Horsemen Are Coming! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Beverly!
    The words you share goes right into my heart. I am also passionate for horses, and the Lord also ‘took them away’ from me, not by force but one day I felt a heavy pressure that I had to take a divine decision to chose between Him or the horses.
    He speaks often to me through music and the last week I found myself listen to ‘cowboy music’ which I have not listen to for maybe 30-40 years or so, but this week I could not stop listen to ‘The masters call’ and ‘the last cowboy song’
    Your post is a great confirmation about the Masters Call!

    • GOD BLESS YOU, MARIA! He says you are a light to the world, and will continue to be in the days ahead
      You have a special call on your life in serving those who do not have a lot, especially women and children. He uses you and will use you more in the days ahead to heal hearts, emotions, and I believe even physically at times. The Lord loves you more than you can imagine. You have won many hearts to Him. Well done, good and faithful servant of the Most High God.  Blessings. Bev

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