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The Key to Unlocking the Glory in You! — 5 Comments

  1. I believe every person is an instrument of God or of Satan regardless if they know it or not. However the good news is we all have a choice and can change with the right focus. I used to be a hardcore Satanist, now I attend an Orthodox Catholic Church, a Roman Catholic Church, and a Protestant Church all three every Sunday. If I can change, come to Christ, and focus on serving others instead on just myself -anybody can. Praise be to God Amen.

  2. Blessed be the Self-fulfilling WORD of our GOD!
    As this was 19th,the holy-elect-good angels offered me skill with opening Ps.19:1-The Heavens DECLARE THE GLORY of GOD!It as been my song today:let my glory sing,let the Saints be joyful in glory!So we do rejoice in manifesting HIS GLORY for our children to see!

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