The LORD Asks: Did They See My Love?

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The LORD Asks: Did They See My Love?

How much can our LORD and Father do, when we take time off?  As long as I am His child, I have done that on a regular base.

No phone, no mail, no internet, just rest!

I feel as if I have been in a “rollercoaster” of His healing and love treatments!  How Papa can cleanse us in the deepest parts of our hearts and soul.  The hidden corners – He knows how to find them.

But also how He can speak without words, and how He gave me some deep insights about how we can judge where He wants to show HIS love.

Yeshua did not condemn the tax collector!  He showed the guy some love and respect to have a meal in his house.  And scales were removed from eyes and heart and he changed!

This past weekend, the LORD showed me some things concerning the people who are homo’s and lesbians.  How they need Him to see their sin.  How they need to die to the flesh so more of His Spirit can enter!

Not so long ago there was a testimony on TV, a young gay boy, testified how Yeshua showed him his sinful life, and that he needed to repent and allow the hand of the LORD to remove his flesh.  How he told in the open that from that moment on, he had no more sex, but kept his eyes on the LORD!

How could I know I would receive a prayer request about this same issue?  I had my phone off.  How good is our LORD!  He helped me to remember what kind of word I had to send many years ago when there was a gay parade in Yerushalayim.  He literally brought part of that word back in my heart!

He said:  “Did they see My love?  Did they see My children who point out me, that I AM the healer and I can change their lives of sin and darkness into lives which is healed and filled with My light?

Did they see you?  Did they see the unity between My children?  Did they see how My children pray and act when there is sin?  How they show the solution to their problems?”Today the LORD says:  “Oh, many of you learned to dance with Me!  You stay on My feet, but your eyes go from the left to the right, searching for what other people say and do.

I read your minds and thoughts, and you are so afraid that your brothers and sisters condemn you, so you are a Pharisee, asking others to lead a sinless life while I AM still busy to get you on that point!

Or you say go on…. sin…. it is all said and done!  Yeshua (Jesus) paid the price!  Just live your life!  It is okay!

Both are wrong!  I AM holy, so you need to be holy.  Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit!  REST in ME and learn from Me!

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I AM gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.…

Ask for wisdom My children, how to act in certain situations!  You must be MY witness.  So they can see there is HOPE for them!  As I forgave you, so must you forgive.  As I AM healing you, so they must see there is hope for them to, and I can heal and cleanse and purify them to!

YOU SEE the sin that is done in public, I see what happens behind closed doors!

Believe Me My children, none of you can throw one stone!

But you can testify, be MY WITNESS, and show others sometimes even without using words, that no pit is to deep, for I AM there to rescue!  No sin is too ugly, for in MY blood is power!  The murderer on the cross who confessed his sin and situation and asked Me to remember him, found THE TRUTH!

May you My children lead others to it instead of throwing stones so they will find eternal darkness.

Just ASK Me for wisdom!  And before I WILL answer, be sure to ask Me to cleanse YOU of presumption, judgmental thoughts, pharisaism, and lack of MY love.”

Your Father.

Rest for the Weary

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light….”  Matthew 11: 28-30.

We start as babies and Papa will give us milk, nurture us, and we will enjoy the presence of THE LAMB!

Then we start to grow up, and we THINK we can share HIS word, we are filled with love for Yeshua (Jesus) and because of this we can be judgmental toward others (PROFANE FIRE)

Then the LORD begins to feed us with the honey, the meat, the wine, and the myrrh, and disciplines us, we meet THE LION OF JUDAH.  We begin to share HIS word by simply being HIS witness and those who are forgiven much love much (HIM and the sinners who need HIM too) HIS FIRE!

Then we are grown up in HIS Kingdom and we learned to embrace THE LION AND THE LAMB and HE can minister through us in perfect balance and WISDOM HAS ENTERED OUR HEART! WE WALK AS ENOCH… 24 / 7 / 365.

When we crossed the Jordan river (river of death meaning end of self) we have learned to REST in HIM.  We do not judge we show HIS solution by being HIS witnesses, but we also learn to walk as Yeshua as He teaches on the street and if they walked away He let them go!

As He is teaching us if they do not receive you remove the dust from your feet and walk on….  His Spirit is the WISDOM and if we rest in HIM and allow HIM to minister…..  we finally learned what it means to throw the net on the other side of the boat!

We walked and worked and tried to catch fish by ourselves and in own strength, but as we are death to self, we REST and He works!  The net is on the other side!  Papa watch me fly!

YOU have the steering wheel in YOUR hands!


Blessings and Shalom over you!
~ Mamme Devorah
Called by Yeshua by the will of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
“Adversity is the spark that lights the matches, to glow the fire of self-confidence,”   Catharina Schouten.

Catharina Schouten-MeijerCatharina Schouten–Meijer (Mamme Devorah) is the founder of Dezerto Floro Foundation – Desert Flower. Blossoming despite hardship!  She encourages, inspires, teaches, and is training and equipping people.  She goes wherever the Father is sending her! She is sent in the Biblical way.  In 1995 the Holy Spirit set her apart, for the work to which He has called her.  Pastor Hendrik – Jan van Mourik – Restoration Church – in the Netherlands, sent her in the apostolic and prophetic ministry in 2006.  Rev. Paul van Beek God’s Outreach Ministry Int. sent her in the Deborah call in 2011.  Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Deliverance, Rebuilding, Restoration.

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