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  1. Mrs. Elaine,

    I wanted to tell you that you are such a blessing. I am a 35 year mother of 2 happily married. And in the last month my walk with the Lord has changed dramatically. Over the past maybe 3 weeks I have to stop what I am doing to write a word the Lord is telling me. Never ends up less then 10 pages. For the first time in my life I was woke after 4 hours of sleeping hearing the Lord over and over and over talking to me. Got up and thought I was writing 2 words (2 sentences) I was pretty much a 10 page sermon (never wrote one in my life) not a pastor. But I did decided to follow my heart and pursue ministry in college 2 months ago. About a week ago I wrote down a word and idea but more kept popping up the ideas were going so fast I had to have a scratch piece of paper to write the idea while finishing the other idea. Long story short little over 40 hand written pages I wrote for 4 hours straight. It was all about the End Times, and pretty deep stuff what the enemy is “banking” on. Well I was desperate to see if there was a website like this. No matter what searched over the days in my free time I didn’t find this type of website. I google searched “God’s End Time Army” and behold landed of your writings dated June 13, 2013 with the same title. It’s exactly the urgency I feel the spirit I feel the Lord is developing and there is a tactic and the LORD was showing the enemies strategies. I was praying a lot and I didn’t feel the Lord wanted me to share my notes or prophetics. I knew it was from the Lord but I needed to really make sure, not to mention I feel very alone since I cant share with anyone but my husband. So Thank you Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU, and your obedient heart and LOVE for the Lord!

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