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The LORD Made You Worthy — 2 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that all is well with you in general. This is how I am currently feeling, what I am experiencing right now. I must humble myself before the Lord, despite of the hurt, frustration, the pain that lies in the depths of the core of my soul, which I know Jesus can and will remove if I fully submit myself completely to him.

    I thank the Lord for sharing this message and Word with you Pastor Reinke, to relay to his children without delay, I can appreciate it, thankful for God’s Grace and Mercy, his brand new Mercies in and over my life.I pray for you Pastor June Reinke, my beloved brothers and sisters, in Israel, all of those around the world. We need Jesus, especially now at a time in history, where we are drawing near to the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

    I extend love, peace and blessings to everyone! May you continue to endure, running the race in Jesus Christ, with every intension to win, by his Strength, Power and Spirit.❤️

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