The Lord says: Don’t be a Coward! — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks precious sister for these encouraging words of truth.
    Despite the circumstanses satan rise up against us, the Word of God never changes.
    The pressure just gives us more reason to draw closer to Him.

  2. This is very powerful! God’s promises are yes and Amen. His words does not change. Oh! I am so strenghtned and encouraged by these divine words. I got up at 03:00 am and I was praying for my divine helpers in Christ, those who are preaching the true gospel and asking God to restore our merriages, our financial break through and heal for those who are sick. God knows our thoughts and our ways better than us. He searches our spirit and I have mentioned your name while I was praying so that God may keep and protect you. Oh! I am so touched by these words! I was praying for the whole world especially the lost sheep so that they may come to the kingdom of God . Thank you so much my beloved sister for equipping us with great knowlege! God bless you!

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