The LORD says: I Know that You are Tired! — 6 Comments

  1. Father God, what you are sharing here is so right on, so very true. I was once on facebook, no longer anymore, I withdrew myself away a year ago, just was not
    satisfied there even though at times I would often run across some prophetic
    words there, read some, which seem so profound, yet I chose to walk away. I
    know when you Speak, I know your voice, this in particular is you, Speaking and
    I thank you, for your words of truth, from the heart. I love you !!!!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Angela Maddocks. I hardly have words for how incredible this word has been to me “especially” this morning. Word for word…you answered back the VERY prayer I asked God yesterday.
    I have followed the Lord since I was little. Many struggles have been Extreme!!! The attacks on my life have been in direct pursuit of my destiny. I cannot go into a church anywhere, that I am not called out and prophesied over “the same words.” I have been looking for the manifestation of them many many years! Holding a candle in my heart that “soon” GOD will break through. Holding my head above water at times, believing GOD has not forgotten me! However, I told my husband last night…I feel like giving up! I have no more fight! I am too tired. I will love the Lord until the day I die, however, I am not sure all those words spoken over me were from the Lord at all. No matter where I go…or what I do….I hear HIS call. No answer or break through ever comes. The Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night of the Spirit…have been my training ground. I am 52 years old now. I cannot see anymore what I used to see. The mountains just will not move in front of me! I’ve lost direction over my life. I hardly no where to place my hands. It’s as if a cloud is over my prayer life and I’m literally feeling forgotten in my life. Your life and what you do for the Lord was always what I thought I would do from a young girl. However, I always wanted children of my own. I was pregnant once and lost the baby at 3 months. Never became a mom. To this day I carry a tremendous pain over the fact I always wanted children. I know GOD had a plan, and I have been given some in other ways. So much threat and rejection followed me in main stream churches. I’ve always held the Lord close to my chest…because it’s not a title I seek. Even if they have said what they see over me in the Spirit…I don’t shout it from the mountain tops, nor put the title after my name. I am simply “Angela Maddocks” a child of the living GOD! GOD determines who I am!!!! Personally, I am satisfied to just minister LOVE over people. I pursued the Medical field for the very purpose of praying for the sick. Amazing things would happen. I am happiest when I am around the poor and addicted. I will never be happy placed at a normal job. Unfortunately, my husband has had to get on a fast track with me. His back ground in GOD was very different. He has come along amazingly. He is saved and willing to go where GOD wants him to go. He has had to transfer the pursuit of money and success, to becoming a God-made man.
    He is my Best Friend! The greatest earthly gift I have. You have heard the word of the Lord for “one person” me! Please ask the Lord to send me “angels” to carry my husband and I where we are to be positioned correctly in this time & season of our lives. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Please pray for help to come my way. Thank you for your testimony of following the Lord wherever HE leads you. I will store this word in my heart forever! Blessings sweet sister!

    • Beautiful testimony Angela Maddocks. I have miscarried twice. I’m 27. There is light at the end of the tunnel. May that light rise like noon day sun for you sooner than soon. Be well.

  3. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Gal 6:9).

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