The Lord says: “Recovery!”


As I was reading some prophetic words that are send out by others, the Father gives me a deep revelation.

Because of the deep season we’ve been in, some prophetic words aren’t entirely out of the heart of the Father, but out of wounds of the messenger!

To be honest, I tried to forget it, but it comes back more than once.  And then I am sure our Lord wants to speak.

I hear the word RECOVERY!  For some of His dearest and most respected messengers it has been a difficult time also, because the long hoped dreams seem to be lost.

And a new breed of prophetic messengers have come.

But also those where they once ministered with, are gone.  Much has happened during this long and hard and sometimes very dry training period.  Feelings of jealousy found their way into the heart.  And for others who lost their friends where they once ministered with, it is possible that they see with colored glasses because of huge disappointment and own expectations which did not come true, and for some because of the gossiping that has been there.

If we lend our ears for gossip our eyes will be blinded for truth!  We will see the other person in the color the gossip has clothed the person with.

But our God is slow to anger and great in grace, so if we want there is healing and recovering!

This is what I hear in my heart:

“I the great I AM, will restore what has been lost!  I AM the God of recovery, of healing of restoration,”  says the Lord.

“But you must be willing!  And although I have used you to minister, while others were laying In their cradle, you must allow Me to shine My light also in YOUR heart,” says the Lord.

“I see in some of these hearts BITTERNESS, because you see others getting things you have longed for, for such a long time.  I see how you see a speck in other people’s eyes while I see a beam in yours!

This started in a tiny way…  It begun when you saw someone being promoted in his/ her ministry and you did not confess it to Me.  You tried to hide it, but because you did not confess it, it could grow inside of your heart.

Now is the time to speak honestly to Me and confess what I want to remove so you can breathe again and laugh again!” Says the Lord.

“If you love ME, you allow Me to remove that beam, so My army can walk in unity!

As soon as you dare to see what is inside of your own heart, the thick scales you have in front of your eyes when you see one of My chosen vessels, will be removed, so you can see the truth once again.

You will be surprised to see his/her true identity!

Many of you will be surprised of the choices I have made to create My army divisions!  Some of you will carry fruit, with those you least expected, and which you less loved!  Think of Joseph and read HIS story once again.  I will share secrets about his story!  I was in that plan from the beginning to the end.

He learned a lot during his years of training and preparation for his great task.  But so did his brothers!  Before he met the king, his beard was shaved; which means his own plans and ambitions where gone, he could totally submit to Me.  And I could give him great wealth and authority because I could trust him.

Esther could invite the king to her banquet table and ask him to grant her petition.  This means for you My children, can I see My food on your table when you invite Me to see if I can grant your petition?

My food I want to see in you all is: My Son, My wine, My bread, My oil, My honey, My water!

When I see that your beard is shaved and your banquet table is filled with all of MY ingredients than I can send you in a greater task!  I AM can trust you with great wealth to use for MY kingdom!

Now come sit with me for a while, allow My light to shine in your heart so recovery can come!

And my light can shine in an army that walks in UNITY through MY spirit” says the Lord.

“Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?”   Matthew 7:4.

May Abba Bless Us All and make Us One


~ Mamme Devorah
Called by Yeshua by the will of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
“Adversity is the spark that lights the matches, to glow the fire of self-confidence,”   Catharina Schouten.

Catharina Schouten-MeijerCatharina Schouten–Meijer (Mamme Devorah) is the founder of Dezerto Floro Foundation – Desert Flower. Blossoming despite hardship!  She encourages, inspires, teaches, and is training and equipping people.  She goes wherever the Father is sending her! She is sent in the Biblical way.  In 1995 the Holy Spirit set her apart, for the work to which He has called her.  Pastor Hendrik – Jan van Mourik – Restoration Church – in the Netherlands, sent her in the apostolic and prophetic ministry in 2006.  Rev. Paul van Beek God’s Outreach Ministry Int. sent her in the Deborah call in 2011.  Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Deliverance, Rebuilding, Restoration.

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