The LORD Wants Relationship with YOU! — 1 Comment

  1. This is So Beautiful to my heart, to hear the Father’s Heart, Speaking so Loudly, So
    Clearly, unto his people. Yes I’m in Full agreement as to what the Father is Speaking
    for it is his will, we all draw neigh unto him, to continually set our eyes upon our
    Creator, giver of life, to come to him with a childlike faith, becoming one in him not
    in seeking answers, as to why, how come, the why’s and so forth, but to come to
    learn of him, to fellowship with your Daddy, to worship at his feet, to share our
    concerns, all which is within him, just simple talking in prayer, acknowledging him being aware of his presence, knowing he is there, for us, it is the Father’s Heart, to
    know his beloved ones, and he gets great joy, whenever wIe set time alone to draw
    closer to him, it is his heart’s longing for us, to me is so precious,and dear to my
    heart,it always brings comfort whenever I’m in his presence, at times I laugh, I cry,
    I’m so overcome especially when I sing unto my Daddy, I love it. I love you Abba!

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