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  1. Oh Father, have mercy, because we are small. Be small to you is a honor, because no one is comparable to your height; we recognize that, and honor your greatness. And on your true love is that you exceeds all creation. You gave your perfect son (the most beautiful one) to redeem the life of the imperfect ones, that claims and cry to be like you, that is righteous, benevolent, merciful, trustful, and all good things that one word define: true love. And is because of your character, and all reflexions of your personality, that we go on, because we need to know more about that farmer and his beautiful seed planted on us. The seed that the enemy try, in every manner, to trample, to shade and suffocate. But we look above, because the dew, the refreshing wind, and the light of you son come to us every morning, and even in the wilderness, when no one perceive the work of farmer, you don’t let your seed to die; your seed will be fruitful, because is the work of your hands, and you don’t work in vain, but wait and prosper with the harvest.
    Father, but be small to the world is a difficult journey. To grow and not produce thorns, is a difficult task. But the thorn that defend from the evil attacks from the predators, also can hurt the good ones that try to feed from us, and even difficult the farmer work. So please, have mercy, get off the thorns, one by one patiently, the harmed leaves by the work of the locusts, the disgusting fruits because of the worms, and regenerate our life, day by day; fertilizing our spirit, so that we can grow strong, healing rapidly from the attacks, and even changing our taste to a kind so sweet that the locust and other pests (from below and above the soil) go away and never return.

    We want to be the good part of your beautiful harvest. To feed the ones that not know the good taste of your labor. We need to be mature every morning to (and from) the harvest ahead. Help us.

    Thank you.

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