The Rising – A New Season Unfolds!


Satan has a cunning way of anticipating a season, and launching a preemptive attack in the form of a smoke screen of what is to come.

In the process he brings confusing and misleads many in what seems like the real and looks like the real “new thing”, but what really is a deep pit of false deception instead.

One of these seasons that has been used as such a preemptive smoke screen has been the so called “apostolic” or “father and son” movement.

It has been launched prematurely by the enemy in religious circles aimed at confusing God’s true apostolic season when it would be released to come.

The result of what has been created by prematurely releasing this revelation among religious circles, has been that men who were neither called, nor prepared to function in the office of apostles, appointed themselves for selfish reasons and for reasons of establishing themselves over others as lords and as kings.

This wreaked havoc across the religious scene with carnal, status hungry men and women ceasing the opportunity to position themselves to rule over others, exalting themselves to a position hierarchy.

Inevitably this also made slaves of those who willingly submitted themselves to these so called “apostles” (who were importers rather than anything else), believing it to be a “new move and season” from God, and not wanting to lose out in being a part of it.

Ignorantly they swallowed everything these impostors told them – hook, line and sinker, as the “fear of losing out” card was played to the full.

In the process of this gross abuse by carnal men and women, their followers were taught to serve and worship them, rather than to serve and worship the Living God!

And the ways in which they were taught to “serve”, was nothing less than legalized spiritual slavery –

  • They had to carry their personal effects, such as briefcases and their Bibles into meetings and make sure they do not have to reach too far for anything.
  • Follow them wherever they went, making sure their every desire was attended to.
  • I personally know men who were expected to make them breakfast, polish their shoes, iron their shirts and prepare their bath water when travelling along with them to ministry events (and I am being 100% serious!).

For all practical reasons these people were abused to become legal slaves and servants in the worst possible way.  This was sold as being the kind of servant-hood Jesus preached and had in mind.  Slaves to “kings” who served no one beside their own wealth and interest and who exploited the hearts of good meaning followers to their own advantage.

  • These people were robbed of any personal say, they could not contribute anything of themselves, could not hear from God, but had to simply follow the instructions and the “vision” of the “apostle” who was “hearing from God” on their behalf.

These things were not limited to certain areas, or people, but happened across the entire spectrum of the religious scene among all races and nationalities.

So called “Apostolic” seminars and conferences became the standard and norm of the day.  All they produced was a talk!  One conference led to another, to hear what the “apostle” has heard for them to follow.

People became followers of men, rather than actively pursuing the will of the Spirit for themselves, and hearing what the Holy Spirit was saying to THEM in their particular area and circumstances, and following His leading in seeing it accomplished.

These so called false “apostolic” churches was mostly run by fear and intimidation.

Everyone was expected to submit themselves to the “apostle”, and to do whatever he says, or face the prospect of literary being cursed by these men, and excommunicated from the company of their friends as being rebels, renegades and “orphan spirits” – unwilling and unable to stand under their “authority”.

Many suffered this abuse for years, too afraid to move out from the strongman-grip of fear these men held over them.  Others left and took the lashings that came as a result of it.

Here is what I hear and see in this coming season:

  • There is great change coming that will leave everything false clearly exposed as being wayward from God’s will.  Although they will continue, their deception will be open and exposed for all to know and to see.
  • I see God’s true apostolic season being ushered in, with the genuine apostles of Jesus Christ, predestined and prepared for this season coming forward unto the scene.
  • I see them being 100% contrary to those who falsely sold themselves as apostles, who in effect were carnal messengers ordained by satan himself to plunder and bring confusion in the wake of God’s Authentic season to be unfolded.
  • I see them as humble men of great Authority.  Ready to take hands with those they were called to lead into God’s new season and ready to serve.
  • I see simple men who do not seek to be celebrated, and have no desire to be worshiped by men.
  • I see men who will not go around with titles, status or position, nor be proudful in their function.
  • I see them as ordinary as the people they minister to, yet having great Authority and Spirit-Anointing to execute their calling and function.
  • I see them truly building the Kingdom, by building the foundations of the Spirit into the lives of men and women presented to their care.
  • I see a season of true father and son relationships, where men and women will be led, fed, cared for, protected, disciplined and nourished to be groomed into spiritual maturity.
  • I see strong relationship and a strong bond between believers as never before in recent times.
  • I see a breaking away from the stereotype church, to ordinary meetings among ordinary everyday people, that are Mightily Anointed of the Holy Spirit, and where those things we read of in Acts are repeated as a reality.
  • I see small assemblies of people meeting together in the Spirit, in homes, in halls and other places allocated for gatherings –  the total opposite of the mega-man-made efforts that had been pursued by flesh-led men.
  • I see a nameless church running under the Banner of the Name of being mere disciples of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit in true worship and encounter with the Living God.
  • I see the true church casting off the spotted robe of the flesh that was hung around her shoulders by men – rising to be clothed in the Raiment of the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Father!
  • I see the end-time Bride, clothed in all her splendour with the serpent firmly trampled under her feet!


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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The Rising – A New Season Unfolds! — 1 Comment

  1. Praise The Lord!!

    Unceasing Blessings to you Beloved in Christ!


    I believe & it is a confirmation to my ponderings lately, I even told many of them, there are many holding such offices mostly in the US, and being a believer from India I have not seen these coming to India and taking it by a storm for Jesus, I haven’t either heard about any one at least of one Resident Apostle in India, I have seen innumerable Apostles in the US always talking about US no mention about any other hungrier nation in the world where the harvest is full but where are these mighty laborers & truly!  as you have stated the fact, if they were the true ones except for a few, I believe by this time the whole world would have been evangelised, the streets and corners are devoid of the gospel preachers, it is hardly a scene any where, not even in US & what about the 3rd world countries, not to say, the harvest is lying & lying!  Lord!  Have Mercy, Your Kingdom come!  Your will be done on Earth SD it is in Heaven.

    Thank you Man of God!  I am Blessed somebody from God had spoken & yes!  You have spoken!

    Manivannan. K. S.
    Underground Servant Intercessor in Christ.
    Mumbai -India.