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The Rising – A New Season Unfolds! — 1 Comment

  1. Praise The Lord!!

    Unceasing Blessings to you Beloved in Christ!


    I believe & it is a confirmation to my ponderings lately, I even told many of them, there are many holding such offices mostly in the US, and being a believer from India I have not seen these coming to India and taking it by a storm for Jesus, I haven’t either heard about any one at least of one Resident Apostle in India, I have seen innumerable Apostles in the US always talking about US no mention about any other hungrier nation in the world where the harvest is full but where are these mighty laborers & truly!  as you have stated the fact, if they were the true ones except for a few, I believe by this time the whole world would have been evangelised, the streets and corners are devoid of the gospel preachers, it is hardly a scene any where, not even in US & what about the 3rd world countries, not to say, the harvest is lying & lying!  Lord!  Have Mercy, Your Kingdom come!  Your will be done on Earth SD it is in Heaven.

    Thank you Man of God!  I am Blessed somebody from God had spoken & yes!  You have spoken!

    Manivannan. K. S.
    Underground Servant Intercessor in Christ.
    Mumbai -India.

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