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The Shaking Coming to America to Awaken Men — 9 Comments

  1. I know another earthquake of monstrous proportions has been prophesied for years, along the Madrid fault, that would do much more harm and loss and be much greater than the first one, that rang church bells in Boston.

  2. We Say YES To Your Will Lord & YES To Your WAY! LET GOD ARISE- ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED! Father We Decree That The Government SHALL Be Upon Your Shoulders! Thank You Lord that The sins that have been covered up for FAR TOO Long Are NOW being EXPOSED & EXPELLED like never Before! Thank You for Shutting the mouth of the Lion, as YOUR Justice is being Released throughout the World. Let God be True and every man a liar!! Because YOU Lord are no Respecter of Persons, & according to your word in Haggai 2:6-9; there has to be a Great Shaking in the Earth- including ALL Political Parties & EVERYWHERE that sin abides. Let YOUR Kingdom come to Earth as IT is in Heaven, that will bring Your DIVINE WILL & Your Divine ORDER & ALIGNMENT into our lives!  Also Lord We Thank that we can Forever Trust You & Know that You are STILL in CONTOL! ☝

  3. Trump is to be changed into the new man God has spoken of in this next Administration…Some things will remain…There will be sifting and changing of many things.

    • I was wondering the same thing or does it mean that Biden will get in and taken out. If so that is a direct contrast to what seems to be a consensus in the prophetic that Trump will serve his second term. If the prophets are correct perhaps this refers to administration of government (i.e. the deep state).

    • He spoke this word in 2013 and repeated it today the 2013 word said that there was coming a horrific time and then he goes on

    • Trump will be reborn as a faithful total Christian and many prayers will come from the White House and many miracles as well..The true believers that lay their hands and prayed over him will see their prayers come true in Trump, he will be a very changed man…

    • I think if the prophecy was given in 2013, then it indicated to that then administration and the Democratic Party. It must be a horrific day for that wicked party if they indeed have been doing something to harm this nation.

  4. Yes Lord just do it. Your will be done on earth, and in America oh Jehovah our father as you have written and intended it to happen in Heaven. Glory Hallelujah Praise be unto our God, creator of all creation. Amen.

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