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The Sign Will Be, Billy Graham’s Death — 4 Comments

  1. I find two things ironic about this video:

    1.) benny hinn said that oral roberts and billy graham would have to die before ‘the revivals’ begin. For one, since when the hinn become a prophet and scholar in the things of the Kingdom, and why is everyone focused on what he said? Secondly, if God indeed said that roberts and graham (and maybe others) will have to go BEFORE revival, that does not paint these men as men of God but as impostors. The Kingdom of God sometimes forcefully enters where God is not welcome; other times, it enters after satan’s kingdom or the kingdom of man has been deposed. Egypt had to be judged before Israel was released; Eli had to die before Samuel was instated as a prophet, and Saul had to die before David became king. Furthermore, in the OT, God always told backslidden Israel to pull down their idols and turn from other God before returning to Him. If these men are to pass away before revivals can come, if the word is true, it only shows (according to the biblical pattern) that these men were false ministers and idolaters who led God’s people away from God and to serve other gods (gods such as themselves, self, money, fame and prestige, and ‘ministry’).

    2.) mark chironna was the only one who shared words that are actually biblical and don’t depend on ‘extra-biblical revelation’ such as hinn’s word about graham and roberts. chironna said that the church of today (in so many words) is lost and that God has a hidden people who will come on the scene and basically rectify things. This is biblically correct even if chironna didn’t receive the word from God (that does happen).

    I see nothing special about this video or the words in it (perhaps with the exception of chironna’s word). Leonard Ravenhill, long ago, talked about “why revival tarries” and said nothing about certain ‘men of God’ having to die before revival or about God waiting for a certain chronological time period to inaugurate revival. hinn’s word is false. Revival tarries not because God is waiting for suppposed godly men to die but because men are at ease and have no reason for revival. The Bible says that revival is at the mercy of men more than the mercy of God; that means that revival comes more often when men obey God than when God suddenly sends it. “Wait in the city until you are endued with power from on high,” Jesus told the disciples, and revival began because of their obedience. Revival tarries because men tarry, waiting for God to do all the work, not because billy graham and oral roberts are still alive. For all we know, those men might be in Hell. Ministry and popularity never guarantee a place in Heaven.

    • Why not just focus on Veronica’s word and Mark Chirona’s confirmation of it. I feel just like one of those he is talking about and rejoiced to hear him.

  2. How powerful, that those Generals in God`s army have all gone home now. let this revival begin with and in me LORD! In Jesus mighty name.

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