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  1. We need the Bible and prayer to return to the school houses across the world. God’s word was removed and you can see the deterioration of our values, God’s love and forgiveness. God please let them see the enemies tactics of mind games and self destruction only leading to more hurts. Reveal the truth to people hurting and let them see You love them, You died for them so they can have a relationship with you. Help them to let go of the hurts and heal their hearts. Bring purpose and a desire to serve you again in their lives. Stop the enemies attacks and reveal truth to all of those in pain from the lies of the enemy to hurt themselves. We send peace, purpose and life in Jesus Name.

  2. “This all began when he was bullied in school severely by others, causing him to hate himself.”

    ” because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, THEREFORE the world hateth you. John 15:19

  3. Dear sister !!!
    Thank you fo you the article …
    Thanks for praying for people not to suicide…
    I too and real bad time …

    Praise God !!!
    He doesn’t give up …
    Thanks to God for people like you …
    Keep up the good work … The issue of suicide is definitely not easy one….
    God bless you and the team as well !!!
    Glad to come across this site…

  4. Please allow me to add a 2nd response. I was in hurry for work this morning and now I have more time (in public traffic) for writing what I must share: First: I am not against modern medicine.
    But sad reality worldwide is: Billions of people are captured for decades in psychiatric care. It is proven fact that psycho pills cause more suicides and despair. So they add more pills. And more discussions. Often the victims of bullying and JEALOUSY through class mates and teachers, and through prideful “first class families”, get new diagnoses and finally they get reproaches or they get blamed for being guilty by their own. As long as there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd class children and parents, this dis-ease never stops.
    We are all equal before God. Some do never accept this. Look how black people are still avoided. Please do not anyone start any ugly discussion now. We made our experiences, that even churches trust in psychology and pills. It is a real psychoterror, if so to say. But LOVE
    is the only way. And to stop gossip and talking the youth and the poorer parents down. And stop expensive dress code and shoe mania in schools and preschools. Stop driving with big tank like cars your “better” children to the front door of the school houses.
    I don’t return for discussions. I am a hard working mother. JESUS CHRIST knows I am telling the truth with a clean heart and clean hands. COME, LORD JESUS, COME AND DELIVER YOUR SAINTS !

  5. Dearest Robin, I love you for this PRECIOUS report. Now I understand why your true and loving heart always writes the right articles.
    Teachers are “well educated” and high payed, but an increase of youth suicide worldwide. So something is very, very wrong in schools, and it starts in the kindergardens! Look what happened: 7 years of more trauma, more medicine and no one prevented this once highly intelligent young man to fall into deep holes. You had worst years after they tried to cut his joy and intelligence down. Many are GUILTY on this all ! ! ! They should come to apologize, but they don’t do so. They want to blame parents for these ugly games off pressure and oppression in schools. I will pray harder now and start a fast, too, for all the suffering children of God. Tell your son, God will deal with those who caused his pain. Tell him, here in Europe many Christian mothers suffer the same. Tell him please, that I LOVE him like my own son.

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