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  1. I had a vision of diff americans riding the waves n old cars from the 40.s they were riding n2 shore these r radom christian minstries.. they r coming ashore to fight 4 lives of those on the land

  2. Oh Deborah!!
    First of all, this morning when my husband got up to make his coffee, as usual I was sitting in our living room in prayer and seeking. It used to be as soon as I awakened in the morning I would say good morning Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, but the Lord would always answer me “Good Day” so that’s what I would do with Paul. This morning when he came out I said “good day Paul ” and he said “SHALOAM!!”
    Also, I had a dream some time back that I was in a boat, (without oars), just resting as a gentle breeze was bringing me to shore. There were also a couple of other boats close by going to shore as well, which was merely a few feet in front of us. When we got out of our boats we walked a few feet, they kept walking but I turned back to the raging water, NO FEAR!! I WAS GOING SWIMMING!!!
    Also, Isaiah 41. My God is SOO Good. The enemy has been raging through witchcraft and persecution for years now, and the Lord has been continuously bringing Isaiah 41 back to me over and over. My daughter just moved into a new house recently, the number of her home is 4141!!!
    And I do ADORE His sense of humor Deborah. Revelation says that the enemy will hold some in prison for ten days…I’m hanging 10 today beautiful lady.
    I just bless your beautiful heart today Deborah.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are in my prayers. What a blessing you’ve been.
    Thank you!! :D

  3. Sister, GOD as well as you and I, do have a sense of humour :)
    Though I wanted to stop commenting at least for some days, I MUST confirm about the TEN. Now, just to keep it simple: After having paid 3 important bills today, I decided to keep a small amount in my portemonnaie until December 15th: And this amount is !!!!! 10,10 !!!!! The fridge is stored up, gas in tank, and having stored up some food reserve food and water storage done, I had a left over of a money: 10,- and 2 little 5 cent coins.  The value is almost 1:1 to dollar. I had a long day and took communion at kitchen table and read at HKP before heading to rest asap, for I have to work tomorrow on Saturday, too. Please, see this as a confirmation. SHALOM, dear all at HKP.

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