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The Time of the Reign! — 6 Comments

  1. God’s decree. He has turned up the heat. The tide has turned for God’s children and He has caused it to turn in their favor. No more will His children continue to be trampled by the wicked one. It is enough!

    The world has never seen what He is about to do in and through His people, for He will demonstrate mightily His power and His authority through His purified ones.

  2. Praise God, and worthy is the Lord from whom life and blessings flow!
    I receive and embrace this message from the Lord our God! As my last 5 years has been overwhelmingly challenging, even the years before the last 5 and I just broke this afternoon thinking about how good God is, in spite of all of the trials and tests, dwelling on the fact that He has no beginning and was always Self Existent, with a Righteous, Holy Identity, with All Power in his hands, the Giver of All Life.

    Who has no beginning, No ending, Always was, Past, Present and Future! I certainly receive this word as I give the Lord the highest praise publicly as only the Lord and I know what he has brought me out of and from, to receive All Glory.

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