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The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind — 29 Comments

  1. I am reminded of Paul when I read your account.  I wish also to know Him in this way, that you are expressing.  Yes, I sense the strategic inclinations of the enemy that wants to destroy all that the forefathers knew would take place and yes, we are looking for Trump to come on the scene again.  What a wonderful dream which I want to pray about re the restoration that is in the root of the tree, etc.  I hope this makes sense as I wrote things down along the way.

  2. Dear Veronika. Did an artist come forth with the rendering of this amazing vision? I’d love to have a copy! To revisit this dream in this most privileged of times is incredible. I’m on a retreat preparing for a time of worship, prayer and sharing with a gifted circle of believers later this month. Bringing back this amazing vision is perfectly timed by Father to illuminate His Eklessia as to what is coming. You are a gem and one of God’s most gifted and trusted vessels. Thank you for your diligence and faithfulness.With love and appreciation, thank you.

  3. VERY gifted revelatory apostolic friend years ago; “never trust anyone who isn’t broken, suffered, walks with a limp and a living sacrifice always crawls off the altar”.  Heard someone else say, “end the race sweet”!  I Corinthians 13:all comes to mind!

  4. Oh my heart has really been restored in Faith thru your word.
    I cried tears of joy reading about Pres. Trump. We in South Africa are really in need of restoration as the rot of destruction and corruption has nearly destroyed our land.

  5. Upon this last day of my 3 day fast for our nation I received this word from a dear sister in Christ.  I read it with tears of rejoicing knowing our Heavenly Father has heard our prayers and His Justice will prevail.  Bless His Holy Name!!!  Thank you for your obedience to receive and share what He has revealed to you!  What an encouraging Spring Day Word!!!

  6. What a powerful & promising word from God that is now a blessing to All who read it! Thank you, Father, and thank you, Veronika, for so beautifully sharing it! I do pray you find an artist to paint this! I will be watching, & waiting!

  7. Dear Veronika, This powerful dream and vision is so powerful and full of Divine Revelation. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Father has continually blessed you with His favor and revelation for our Country, President Trump and His coming kingdom. Just yesterday I and two powerful prophets of the Lord went to the highpoint overlooking our beautiful City and the gateway to the largest body of fresh water on the planet-Lake Superior. The words spoken during our time there line up perfectly with what has been shared here. This is certainly not the first time this has happened. In fact as recently as March 12 we had the same experience.I’m excited to see and someday own a copy of the painting of this vision. I know there is a gifted prophet artist who also posts on this site who would be perfect for this task. I’m literally blown away by the beauty and significance of this all. To be alive and be part of this most privileged time in “His Story” is beyond words. You’re such a blessing dear Sister. I’m confident we’ll meet someday and you will get to see the vista overlooking our City and amazing inland sea. It is in fact a gateway to the World. LOve and appreciation, Tom

  8. Father, I plead the blood of Jesus over the words herein that President Trump would break his hip in this wrestling match and walk with a limp. He is Your anointed, obediently honoring Your will by effectively and most excellently dismantling this demonic global power structure that has ruled this earth for centuries. He has tithed his salary for four solid years, never taking a penny for his service to You, to We the People, to our Great Nation or the Nations of the world that have all capitulated over to him as he orchestrated Your business between the nations according to Your will for this time frame.  He is wrestling with the demonic, whereas Jacob was wrestling with You. Father, in the name of Your holy, blessed Son, Yeshua, I plead Your GREAT MERCY and GRACE over Your blessed Donald to protect him in all of his ways, to ensure no injury or harm comes upon him, and in accordance to Your blessed Will, Your perfect love and Your infallible Word, may only Your goodness and mercy follow him all the days of his life and like David, shall dwell in Your house forever. Amen. Thank You for Your great consideration, Father. I love You and thank You. Blessings, Honor, Glory and Power be unto You forevermore. Amen.

  9. When Trump became president the Lord had me look up the meaning of his name. 

    Donald – ruler of the World

    John – God is merciful

    Trump – A powerful asset or resource; to surpass; outdo

    We know that names mean a lot to God.  Before he formed us in the womb He knew us and what we would be called. Donald John Trump will be what God called him to be and will fulfill his calling.

    • Thank you for this powerful revelation and meaning of Our President Trumps name.  And beautiful Melania, she most certainly has an important part in this shaking. In my heart , all rings true.  Praise God…Hallalluah!

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