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  1. The “original Greek” did not capitalize the first letter of ANY word because they had ONLY capital letters.  Lower-case letter letters were not developed until about the 8th century. (https://www.omniglot.com/writing/greek.htm and other websites)

    That said, the KJV, for me, compared with other translations, is really good for ONE THING. That is the THEEs and THOUs versus the YEs and YOUs. The pronouns beginning with “th” are addressing one person; the pronouns beginning with “y” are plural.  Hence, with “study to show thyself approved,” Paul was addressing Timothy only. With “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,” he was addressing the congregation.

    The KJV translators had their own agenda, and it did NOT necessarily involve the TRUTH. The LATIN word “lucifer” appears in SOME older ENGLISH translations of a HEBREW document only once, but in the Bible from which they got it, the Latin Catholic Vulgate, it appears THREE TIMES.  Besides Is. 14:12, it is also in Job 11:17 and 2 PETER 1:19.

    The only versions of the Bible that we could rely on are the ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek texts. But none of them are extant, so we have only man’s poor quality copies and translations. Still, it is better to study the present Hebrew and Greek renderings than to rely on man’s errors.

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