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  1. Thank you for this article, I have a feeling I’m here for a purpose, I have prayed, fasted done all I think possible but still haven’t experienced the anointing of the Holy Spirit,I wish there is a way I can pray to receive it. For indeed without the Holy spirit all seems empty and self made.

    • Harriet, don’t get discouraged. As I said above, I have been desiring the HS baptism too, but I am staying expectant and am not going to let the enemy discourage me. Maybe He needs to do more perfecting in me and I’ll have to wait awhile longer. I know the problem is not with Him. He wants all things good for us so I just have to trust His timing. Maybe you can find someone under the annointing to lay hands on you for the baptism.

  2. Thank you for this article and I believe all that you say. I have been prayed over to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit a couple different times, but nothing has changed for me. I have been told to stand in faith and just open my mouth and start uttering syllables and to believe that is speaking in tongues and that if I will practice, my prayer language will develop more and more. I have come to believe I will not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit by faith and that this method being taught is false. I want what happened at Pentecost to happen to me but so far nothing. This is also true for my sister and brother in law who have been pursuing the baptism of the HS. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are saved, having received the indwelling of the HS, we have no doubt of that!

    • Diane – it took me over a year before I received tongues. I wanted it very badly and got discouraged often when I didn’t receive it instantly like others.
      A pastor walked me through tongues and that’s how I received it. Remember, the words may not sound like others.. and don’t try to hard. It’s easy. Don’t try to sound spiritual when speaking in tongues but allow whatever words you think it may be to flow out of your mouth.
      Lastly, I feel like that lord is saying to me for you “believe that I want to give you it to you. I enjoy giving it to you and I’ll enjoy watching you speak. I love you. Don’t freight, don’t fear for I am with you as you begin to speak.”

      • Thank you, James, for the encouragement. I too have been walked through speaking in tongues but I now believe, at least in my case, that is not an authentic baptism of the HS. I want to feel something come over me (in a physical sense) as a sign of His presence. He knows what I need and I believe He will honor my request if my motives are pure.

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