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  1. 24 JUNE, LIVE
    For the past hour I have been engaging in the deepest spiritual warfare I have ever experienced. I have applied the blood of Jesus on the door posts and lintels. I have used the name of Jesus. I have used love. I have used holy angels. I have used power from heaven. I have used victory. I have prayed against witchcraft. I have been wrestling with all of my strength. Should I send an email to Priscilla Van Sutphin? Then I used faith rather than dragging my finger nails on the walls. I started laughing. I realised that this experience would make me stronger. I realised that God was going greater than all of my faith. Don’t try this at home. God had been training me for this. A lion has greater strength than my faith. The lion of Judah made me cry as I am typing this. It has been estimated that the Australian marsupial lion had the *most powerful bite strength. The previous holder of the **world record was the Australian tasmanian devil. So it was the greatest battle, the marsupial lion versus the tasmanian devil. Lions may roar but the devil makes awful noises.




      The reason why I think this could be a prophetic sign is that the devil has
      mouth cancer – 2020 is the ‘year of the mouth.’

      Tasmanian devils with contagious cancer exhibit a constricted …www.nature.com › communications biology › articles
      Mar 13, 2019 – The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is threatened by a contagious cancer, known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

  2. I surrender ALL Abba, just as Jesus did by the Power of Your Spirit and Grace sufficient for the journy. I say YES Lord!!

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