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UK: After Humbling, a Great Awakening is Ahead — 7 Comments

  1. God bless you Veronika. This was wonderful to read. Tears were running down my face as I did so. There were times over the last four and a half years when I doubted whether we would EVER leave the clutches of the European Union. Yet with GOD’S HELP we DID IT. Let us hope and pray that we CONTINUE to trust HIM as we emerge into the bright sunrise of a NEW DAWN.

  2. Having read the amazing prophetic word and vision the Lord has blessed you with and the nation through you, I can’t help felling that Queen Elizabeth would be greatly encouraged and blessed to receive this prophetic word and vision. I will that it will passed on to her as the Lord shows the way.

  3. Thank you Veronica,

    Having read the amazing prophetic word and vision the Lord has blessed you with, I can’t help feeling that it would be of great encouragement to Queen Elizabeth who has a deep and abiding faith in the Lord. I pray for a way to pass this on to her.

  4. Thank you Veronika for this encouraging word, I had grown weary of the battle, and feeling guilty regarding that, but this has fired me up again and I give thanks and Glory to the One Who sits upon the throne, our great and mighty God, all praise and glory to Him

  5. Thank you Jehovah for a second chance. More grace and strength for the Body of Christ to arise and take our position… May the reverence and power accorded the human monarchy decrease as the monarchy and kingdom of God increases.

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