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UK Berxit & Europe Realignment and Reordering — 5 Comments

  1. Glory to God . He is in His Praises .I am happy God is helping in your beloved country Veronika West .US are also in need of realignment in our Congress and State Government from Satans radical agenda .Praise be Jesus for Good News and all y’all Edifying Dreams and Prophesies . Veronika West , Jesus Bless and Many Blessings . Ty kindly…


    When God Shows Up He Confuses
    All the plans that the enemy has made
    As His Light Blazes Forth in Victorious Spendor
    The devils run for the shade
    Leaving their vessels of dishonor behind
    To fend for themselves in the dark
    Who become confused and begin to reap
    What was sown for others in their heart

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