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UK: The Royal Shaking Has Started — 8 Comments

  1. The monarchy has so far remained Christian, because of the faith of the present monarch, the Queen. Her likely successor, Prince Charles, is on record as saying that he wants to be the “defender of faith”, ie. of all religions, rather than the “Defender of the Faith”, which although originally meaning the Roman Catholic faith, as a title bestowed on Henry VIII by the pope, later came to be re-interpreted as the more Protestant faith of the Church of England, which is something that its present episcopacy does not appear to be interested in maintaining. Crowning someone explicitly as a “defender of faith” would surely involve a multi-faith coronation service, and would also present new challenges to ekklesia of Christ.

  2. Though I realize Brits more concerned and sensitive concerning anything about monarchy–I don’t watch TV or read tabloids so admittedly I dont have clue what the chaos is.  But personally I think change is good why? the Queen to my limited understanding is in charge of the Church.  The church seems largely dead in Britain and maybe removing the deadwood and blockage at top a good thing. May Gods will be done

  3. Could Luke 12:53 be applicable to the British royals.
    May God’s Mercy be upon the family as we pray for the queen.That in her old age God will give her stength and peace to endure.Its not easy for parents when children go against family protocal.

  4. Been quite concerned for them, and I’ve been praying. All I know is that God is streamlining the institution’s. I prayed about it last night and I got peace, God’s will, will be done and any man or woman who is building their own kingdom will be pulled down.  If Harry and Meghan are going against the will of God, their plans will collapse.

  5. I’ve been watching the “seeming” chaos unfold and was immediately reminded of the words you have been giving to pray for the Royal family. May God’s perfect purposes and plans for the British Royal family be established in Jesus’ name.

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