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  1. I actually believe that the Lord has already heard our cries and is granting us an awakening. We have repented and the awakened remnant will help pull us through. We have to listen to the frontline Prophets as to what they are saying, such as Kunneman, Bullock and others that agree with them.

  2. I thank you for your obedience and your obvious dedication to bringing the Word of the Lord. I find this word to be a little at odds with so many I listen to and read. Many are saying that the Red Sea has closed on the enemy, that the revival has begun, and that the Lord is moving quickly on our behalf. Please don’t think I am challenging you or your message. Perhaps I am missing something. Please help me understand.

  3. Father, we thank you for your love to America & the whole world. Use us O’ Lord (the few brethren reading this message & the few remnants) to reach out to those who need genuine repentance in Jesus Christ name. Holy spirit we implore you to take over America & visit the people afresh. Father, have Mercy on America for she has forsaken you! Have Mercy Lord on your land & people again & again! Blot out her sin & turn her heart back to you in Jesus mighty name I have prayed. Thank you God’s vessel Elizabeth.

  4. Jesus is shaking the nations, the lukewarm, the backslidden, the lost, to full awaken them in this hour, that is love, as has extended his divine Grace upon all of us,for which I am truly thankful.
    I believe that he is making one final call and that the Lord wants us to seek him first through, led by the Holy Spirit, not always running look for a prophecy from a prophet.

    I trust the Lord first, because he is not a man that will lie, but always revealing the Truth, for his Word is a two-edged sword, infallible, perfect.
    There are many in this hour, who’ve have been Yousef to tickling messages of prosperity, but not the full Word of the Lord, so they are under strongholds through many Shepherds who are not preaching God’s Word in it’s entirety, watering down his Word, to appease the carnal flesh, egos and comfortability of those who desire the cold or lukewarm state, they have fallen on deaf ears, blinded eyes, because the attachment to the worldly device of the evil one, there is much rebellion, disobedience, hard hearted, calloused hearts right now, which Jacob’s Trouble would definitely humble those who didn’t want the divine purification of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  5. I pray for God’s divine will to be done. Many true hearted Christians are praying, about I never hear anything about that. Many are going to be defiant when the message is that bold, but there will be few who are and will continue to repent for the sins of the nation. Personally, I’ve been in major spiritual warfare, on my knees, in constant communication with the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

    I believe fasting without food and drink, to experience that divine fire through the Holy Ghost, falling a fresh from heaven. I examine every spirit by the Spirit, I examine every message, through the Holy Spirit, because there are many going forth in this hour mentioning prophecies over the past few years, even in 2021, that don’t line up with scripture.

    If the Holy Spirit confirms the message, as I engage myself in prayer, I will always move when His says move. There are so many prophetic prophecies, every prophet saying this is was God is speaking, but many messages are not aligned correctly with God’s Word and sometimes vexes my spirit, through the Holy Spirit, so we have to be careful with every prophet, because many are being led astray, unknowingly.

    God bless you. I will continue to repent for the nations, because it is the right thing to do, but I have been drawing near to Jesus, for this is one of the major reasons for heavy opposition through spiritual warfare.

    • Once again thank you for your post. I pray God strengthen, uphold, reveal Himself to you & use you mightily in this last days in Jesus Christ name

  6. Serious times but,how do you repent? Many “speaks out”,proclaim and “declare” repentence, but living a true obedient life in Christ is the same as (continually) repentence. That is what is lacking, the crucifying of “self” and all that you “want”.

  7. Going to be honest Elizabeth you are the last one on this forum I thought I would have heard this message you put up. And I would tell all those with ears to hear it is the most serious and important message to go out of this forum in 2 years. The Church in America is the reason for all the crazy stuff going on in this country and the world. It is all about the truth and the lack of it in most Christian peoples lives. And the one true God says no more. You people better read this over and over because this is serious and there will be only one chance to turn around and drop all your idols and false doctrines. Any thing that paints a picture of the one true God other then just that the one true God all powerful and knowing all caring never made a mistake never will. We need to re think our theology and get this right or just like Israel of old some will come and take all we have.  Thanks sister.

  8. The 11th hour, when Jesus told me to go to hkp and listen to your message. All who does will know what do. Your. The braveheart. Love and prayers. Sister sheilla

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