Vision of Angels Pouring Jars: The Great Separation Has Begun!


I saw three angels standing in the heavens above the earth, in a horizontal line.

Behind them stood another three angels in like manner.  Each angel had what appeared to be a clay jar in his hands.

I heard a voice saying, “Pour out upon the earth!”

So the first three angels began to pour the contents of their jars out upon the earth.

Now these jars were common to look at and yet the contents of these bottles was not common to see.  And the angels did not pour out in unison but one after another, just overlapping the angel who poured before him.

The contents of these jars appeared to be great testings and trials such as man has been going through right now upon the earth.

I saw the contents splash down upon the earth and eventually cover the whole earth.  But though the contents seemed to be things hard to bear, yet the liquid was clear and actually beautiful, a dark purple/ black but shimmering and reflecting light.

There were none spared from the contents on the earth.  All began to experience difficulties in their lives which they had never thought to have to bear.  All began to know the testing or trying of their faith.

As time wore on and the liquid continued to be spilled upon the earth, I saw a great separation amongst humanity.

Some blamed God and cursed themselves and others and fought with natural, carnal weapons.

The more they fought and cursed, the worse their situations got.  And yet I did not feel this was because God was punishing them.

Rather it seemed to me that He was doing all He could to help them come through their trials victoriously.

But it became evident that these people were going to resist God and blame God and learn nothing about how to live by faith (“the just shall live by faith” doesn’t have to do only with finances you know.)

The second group of people also were suffering through their own testings, which were no better than, and certainly no worse, than those who were cursing God.

However, this group refused to give up their faith while the testing was going on.  They ran to the Word and were strengthened and helped marvelously by the Word and though their trials were very difficult, they began to pull away from them and into a higher and better place.

In this place their worship and praise was refined and they came forth a glorious crowd of worshipers in the midst of a troubled earth.

When at last the first three angels had finished pouring out their jars I heard the voice say again, “Pour out your jars upon the earth.”

The second line of angels stepped forward and began to pour out.

Now what came forth out of their jars appeared to be a mixture.  Some was the same dark liquid as was poured by the first three angels, but some was a beautiful clear golden liquid much like a thin honey.

As the liquids came to the earth they were segregated, the dark liquid going toward the group of humanity that was still cursing God, while the golden liquid was being drawn to the group of worshipers who stood apart from the other group.

So at one and the same time, there was a mixture of blessing and cursing on the earth.

“This is the great separation,” the voice said. “All will taste of the first three jars, but then shall come the separation and according unto their faith. 

It shall be done to them in the partaking of the second three jars.”

Then I saw the LORD as it were, standing on great waters.  His arms were stretched out to me and He said, “Fear not!  It is Me.  Come to Me.

Don’t look at the waves and don’t look at the wind and don’t look at the trials as though they were some strange thing.  Look at Me and come walk with Me.

The great separation has begun.”

That was the end of the vision.


~ Priscilla Van Sutphin

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream MinistriesPRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN is the founder of Upstream Ministries, California, online at and Upstream.  Donate to Upstream: via secure Paypal by sending as gift to or send to: Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278, USA.

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Vision of Angels Pouring Jars: The Great Separation Has Begun! — 1 Comment

  1. HOLY!!! I have been sleepless for years, slandered daily, followed everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE I go). This is just a small picture, there is so much more.  By the Grace of God, He has sustained me through these years of intense storms. I am writing this with about an hour, (maybe two), of rest last night. I can’t say I’ve been perfect, I’ve shed tears, I’ve felt I would lose my mind, but when I call on Him He is ALWAYS there. Nights are difficult, but somehow morning always comes. Praise His Holy Name for bringing me this Word today. And bless your beautiful heart for sharing Priscilla!!