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Warning Message: The Persecuting Occupation Comes — 6 Comments

    • Lucia, yes indeed He has and it is allways a heart warming humor which is up lifting so you can smile every time you remember it! I shared the ‘pizza shovel’ with a friend so we both think of your blessed journey and our Great God!

  1. Thank You Lord Jesus for being our peace
    I have been stressful about the surveillance over three years by journalists especially the last six weeks when it increased with people up close to ask all things about my personal life and what happen. I am honestly pretty ordinary, Jesus is all we need, really. I was jumpy and sometimes angry, but I knew I could come the Throne of Grace. So many times, I had to go there, and I was tirelessly forgiven over and over.
    The moment, I saw the headline, “Are you awakened” by Stephen, I began to pray day and night and I found your beautiful article, Elizabeth Marie, “Message, rapture and suffer”, which was so comforting, my comment failed to finish though. Thank you dear beloved. Glory be to God of joy, filled with compassion.
    I had survived the testing by faith on Jesus when I was given a vision: a big pizza shovel taken under me and I was taken out. God is good! Give your life to Jesus if you have not yet dear reader, He will save it. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

    • Lucia, “a big pizza shovel taken under me and I was taken out”
      Despite that I have received many visions I cannot stop to be astonished when other believers share their visions and I must say that this one is absolutely wonderful and full of God’s warm and gentle love and humor, “a pizza shovel”! I can see it before my eyes, thank you for this blessed picture and God bless you!

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