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Warning to the Spiritual Leaders in America — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Prophet, I am so moved my your prophecy because the Lord has given me almost identical prophecy’s..When I read your one about California and the shaking that coming and the eastcoast and everything and everyone being effected..wow..if you ever have time please feel free to browse my facebook page under tina m speller brown-moore, and I would love your feedback…blessings Sir

  2. As was with Saul (Paul). Why do you persecute the President. He is a Christian, not a Muslin, according to the Right Wing.
    Has God not yet convinced you that he is a Christian and that He stands with him?
    Please, please, please. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you and guide you down the road of “hate.”

    • I agree with you… President Obama is a Christian and he love the Lord.  If the Body of Christ will pray for him and reach out to him, he will grow in Christ and we will see a change in him… He need to be love by the Church and supported.  The Church have been pushing him away and showing much hate, it is sad…

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