We Are ONE — We RESPECT Each Other — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the reminder, dear sister. Yesterday I suddenly was asked by two 22-year old men: “What is your secret?” Just this question, after I served them, cleaned 2 bathrooms, collected their garbage, prepared a dinner, bought and brought 2 chickens, potatoes, 2 big salad bowls to the table, enough to feed a family… and later when I was leaving for the midnight train home, they stood in the doorway, not really wanting me to leave. So here is my response I gave them:
    – I help and serve you that you know how to do this job later on your own
    – I serve you with love, to train you for your upcoming years. I do not want you to fail or not knowing what is important in life
    – I told them, not to steal or to lie, and always to be human and merciful to others
    – I told them, not to become money lovers.
    – I told them, FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE and uprighteousness and honesty are the most important ‘things’ in life that bring you through
    – Finally I told them, that the knowledge, that GOD’s righteousness one day surely will come, and that they never should give up.

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