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We Talk About Peace, but Mostly Have No Peace — 3 Comments

  1. We attract blessing or curse according to how we receive others and according to our choices we are either blessed by what they carry, or starve ourselves from it.
    COMMENT: Matt. 10:41 is clear about submitting to the office of the Prophet and it’s reward,
    my concern now is “How do you identify true Prophet and the blessings they carry”

    “You cannot tap into or receive the reward (or gift) a prophet carries, unless you honour and receive him and submit to him in his prophetic authority.”

    COMMENT: Giving our gifts to the prophets automatically means we will receive a Prophet REWARD? Please make clarification on my email address below.

    • The context of “receiving a prophet” in Matthew 10:41 and the two surrounding verses suggests it is really about receiving the Son, and thereby the Father, the prophet who speaks for the Son and the Father, and even the “righteous man”. That is, the reward really means salvation, thus blessings that are spiritual and eternal.  God will also meet our material needs, and our blessings are in Christ, and do not require that we seek out those who have or claim to have the office of prophet.

  2. I quote,”It is those who discover that Spirituality extends way beyond any religion, including Christianity, who find that there is a reality to know and a true experience with God.”

    I hope this is just an unfortunate choice of words, but those who speak of “spirituality” over “any religion” are usually in the New Age.  They also focus on an “experience with God”, which may turn out to be a true experience but one without the true God.

    In the New Testament, we are told to submit to one another. No where does it say that with regard specifically to a prophet – even a true one, we should “submit to him in his prophetic authority”.  It says instead that we should test prophecy.

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