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  1. That’s right. But when those who are NOT allowed to touch His anointed ones (1 Chr. 16, Psalm 105) secretly heat up the hair with electricity in the nights, then mock the victims with advices via computer, how to cure the damage they caused against their bodies… it is not easy to have joy. Saints, we are in a sadistic war ! I do not want to share more of the evil details. My new boss is from the Netherlands and a former student from Tel Aviv. He confirmed today that he knows about the methods we are suffering. He worked in jails and is over age 60. Many around the globe suffer persecution and threats. But thank you dear sister June, for reminding us that every hair is known by the LORD. Even those hairs they placed into my fridge and in the oven in kitchen. The suffering saints pray wholeheartedly: COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

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