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  1. Yesterday I was feeling down in my Spirit. I saw so many professing Christians doubting the words spoken by the Prophets. Doubting Gods’ promises. I went to the Lord, because I was fearful that the lack of faith of the many, would override the faith of the few. I prayed, Lord will their lack of faith, override my faith and the faith of others, or will you honor our faith. The Lord assured me that our faith WILL be honored and rewarded.

    As I sit here typing this I am reminded of school days many years ago. There was a time of teaching and a time of testing. When the test began the teacher would say BEGIN. After the proscribed amount of time the teacher would say TIME IS UP turn over your papers. You would then be graded on your test and a grade of pass or fail would be given. Sometimes the grades would be posted on the bulletin board for all to see. Let us all trust the Lord so that when this is over we will be known as those that passed the test.

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