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Why So Downhearted, My Warrior Bride? — 4 Comments

  1. WOW, yes it is how I have been feeling. What a timely word, even the scripture, I have spoken to myself.

  2. wow……The LORD led me right to this….for such a time as this indeed! Thank you for your words they touch my heart!  YHWH is SOOO AMAZING Yeshua i wait for You I cling to every Word You Speak!  I will sing unto YOU a new song! I will sing of YOUR MERCIES forever I will sing unto the lost YOUR song of love! I will lead them to the waters of life that they may drown in Your Love! Praise You Abba Father Praise You JESUS CHRIST, praise You Holy Spirit!  Bring in the harvest that we may celebrate with You My King of kings and Lord of lords!  Fill me up with Your Strength for the days are dark and warm me in Your love for their love has waxed cold!  Fill up my brothers and sister with Your All consuming FIRE!  Bring back the zeal!  Let their mourning be turned into joy!  Let them rejoice! REJOICE! For Your King is Coming! He is Coming! Let the Bridegroom come forth from His chambers! Baruch haba hashem Adonai!  Blessed be the Name of the LORD come LORD deliver us! Nevertheless, Your WILL BE DONE! Not our own!  I love you JESUS! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL I AM! I LAY MY LIFE DOWN THAT YOU MAY LIFT IT BACK UP!!!! AMEN AND AMEN! Bind these words that they may be loosed in the heavens! Your WILL BE DONE!

  3. BELOVED, I am almost shocked about this caring love letter. I sit on a bank, a few meters afar from a big lake… just in this hour. It’s 30 minutes lunch break. Your words touch me and truly lift me up. Thank you, dear sister !

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