Wisdom Is Being Released!


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom. 

Wisdom is being released.

In our journey of importance we will come across a humble lowly traveler.  His clothes not fancy and his face forgettable.  He may ask only of our time.

As we cry out to the LORD,  “I want more of you” in Sunday’s worship, we can’t help but feeling so distant from the LORD or shall I say, that He feels far from us.

It is in our trials that we encounter the very face of God.

It isn’t the one portrayed in so many paintings of handsome good looks or with blue or brown piercing eyes complete with purple robe.

Instead it is the face of the forgettable one…

The one on the street.

At this moment of awareness our hearts cry is transformed as we become naked before the HOLY AND GRACIOUS SAVIOR.

He did not choose to be seen or remembered as important but in fact one who was ordinary yet blameless.

How humbling it is to receive His heart for the forgettables.

How we grow in strength and power as we are made low.

It is in this place that we receive the beginning of wisdom.

His greatness and glory is on the mouths of the ones who have cried out for more of HIM in the toughest of times…  Times that He has delivered HIS peace and HIS strength.

The awestruck wonder of HIS POWER brings reverential fear.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding,”   Proverbs 9:10.


Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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