Word For Those At The End Of Their Rope! — 2 Comments

  1. awesome story….Imust share what happened to me 13 years ago when my husband of 50yrs suddenly passed away….I camehome to an empty house with family 1500miles away…I started to have a meltdown and cried out to Jesus..I told him I couldnt handle this being alone please Lord help me…..immediately I heard him say ” you dont have to worry I am your husband now and I will take care of EVERYTHING FOR YOU” and I mean everything….I litterally felt him COMFORT….give me PEACE….LOVE….GENTLENESS….KINDNESS….JOY….PROVISION….and everything else I needed….there has been some hard times in life but my new husband took care of me and everything else…..HE IS TRULY LORD….I thank him for his loving care and know that one day soon I will be with him and my loving husband,,,in the meantime I live for HIM…..

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