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You are My Secret Weapons! — 3 Comments

  1. Precious are your words to me spoken this glorious awesome day Abba.
    I am Rejoicing at your words, for as I declare and decree, so shall it be unto me, for you are in me, and I in you, and together we will break and destroy the powers of darkness, upon the people. Thank you for the Mighty Power of Fire, you have given to me. Thank you for making my name Great, a Confirmation spoken over my life. I exalt thee, on High.
    Thank you for the Power, of the Holy Spirit, in my life working. What an Awesome Rhema, to me. I love you, my Daddy, I delight always in you.

  2. Thank you sister for these kind and amazing words. God bless you alwaysmy Angel. I love you! My heart faints for the Lord and I will rejoice in the Lord at all times. Amen

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