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You Are Officially on Satan’s Hit List! — 2 Comments

  1. Loved sister – I want to confirm your dream. last night I also dreamed of clothes, garments. I was in a hotel room, and found noble clothes left by an old lady. Purposely left there, as if she left hotel and had too many fine clothes. Some wool pullovers and pretty dresses. The wool garments were wet, completely wet, I had to pick them up and dry them. I remember that I 1st was watching and watching the clothes, not daring to pick them up for me. All kind of things, warm pullovers in a nice style, modern and classic. Reddish coloured and brown (usually I do never wear red clothes), 1 long dress in turquoise and white.
    I then saw me entering my church in the dress.
    Yes, we are in a war. But God is the head of the army !

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