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Your Birthright and Destiny Are Worth Defending — 3 Comments

  1. PLEASE I rise HIGH…a MIGHTY Hallelujah☝☝☝

    “Do not give in! Do not give up! Do not look back and do not be afraid!

    I Decree: In this season, I will not shrink back in fear! I will stand my ground! I will lift my sword and shield and dig my heels in deeper to defend my birthright and my field of destiny allotted to me by my Father.

    I am ready, prepared and sovereignly positioned by God for a great victory in this hour.” Veronica West

    Thank YOU Prophectess 4 this encourageing PoweRFUL message.AMEN☝

  2. This is a very important word.  I believe that our prayers for the purposes of Donald Trump will be answered and that this will then make way for the Church.  But will the Church then respond to the new opportunity?  Lord God help us to make this be so!  I think this is a matter that requires serious prayer.

  3. AMEN!!!  Father, Your people called by Your Name have humbled ourselves and are praying. We thank You for turning from Heaven and hearing our prayers Father, for forgiving our sins and for healing and restoring our land (families; communities; cities; and Nations)!!! In Jesus Powerful Name, Amen.
    Merry Christmas Veronica, and Happy New Year to you and yours :D

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